Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Almond Macaroon

This recipe is on the Queen's website, here ya go. My husband and kiddo loved these, but I wasn't a fan. They turned out runnier than expected, and I had to thicken the dough. Maybe bad almond paste?

Monday, September 22, 2008

Almond Horn

I didn't make up a cookie last week, things were out of control with getting home from vacation and from getting ready for our garage sale. So I have made up the Almond Horn. This recipe is on Martha's page, here is the link for it.

The cookie was easy enough to make. I had a hard time getting the shape perfect like Martha's. My hands were too warm, so I had to work quickly or the dough would get all melty. I also should have food processed the almonds to a finer texture than what I did. They are a good cookie, not too sweet, nice crisp.

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Alfajores de Dulce de Leche

My first Martha Stewart Cookie! I won't be publishing the recipes here, copyrights and all. Some of the cookie recipes are listed on the web-site, and I'll try to provide links to that. This one was pretty easy to make. I prepared the dough a few days ago and just kept it in the refrigerator in plastic wrap. Some problems I ran into:

  • Called for 4 cups of flour, I only had 3 and 3/4 cup, so I had to use 1/4 cup of whole wheat flour. It gave it a sort of multi-colored looked.
  • Didn't have a double boiler to make the center filling
  • Didn't have 5 hours to watch the center filling on the double boiler
  • Unsure what "dusting sugar" is
  • Don't have 1.75" round cookie cutters
I saw a side note on the recipe that some stores sell the filling pre-made and I was able to locate that, so it took care of the not having a double boiler or five hours. I used the top to my martini shaker as the cookie cutter. I guess it is all just a learning process.

I found the cookie tasty and good for people who have egg or nut allergies. The cookie portion was very close to a pie crust, and the filling like carmel. Messy and sticky though

Monday, September 8, 2008


Today was my first time making a whole chicken. I've done whole turkeys before, but this was new. I put some herbs (rosemary, oregano, basil) and olive oil under the skin, salt and peppered it, baked it at 450 degrees for nearly an hour, and that was all. The husband was really excited about it, so it's a keeper recipe.

Thursday, September 4, 2008

Martha Stewart's COOKIES

The Bradberg's have decided to begin an exciting journey. I have recently bought Martha Stewart's Cookie recipe book. And there are so many fabulous looking recipes, that we have decided to make up one per week. This adventure will take us 3 years (if our waistlines can handle it). I have made a spreadsheet that lists the cookies in alphabetical order, which I think is the order we will go at it. The chronological order in the book has this by catagories, and this way it breaks up the different types, so we don't have months of chewy or crisp cookies in a row. Here is the link to the spreadsheet.