Thursday, January 29, 2009


These were pretty good tasting, but kind of a pain. The dough turned out way too crumbly, I think it may have needed more water than the 2 tablespoons. It also required anise seeds, which aren't available in Winona. So I substituted anise extract. The extract gave it a nice bitey flavor. Matched well with the orange zest and orange liquor. Side note, I have been sending the cookies to work with John, and his co-worker Will has been a part of our cookie journey. He found my hair in it today. Sigh. I have been so careful about that - I do an extra kitchen scrub before making things I share with others. I guess it was bound to happen. This one is not on her web-site. Sorry dudes.

Oh, also, it said to use a 4 inch "fleur de lis" cookie cutter. Surprisingly, I do not have that one in that size. So, I used a car shaped one.

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