Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Red Box

I LOVE LOVE LOVE Red Box. We have two of them in Winona - one in Wal-mart, one in Walgreens. It's super cheap and super easy. For $1 a night you rent a movie out of a vending machine. You have to use a credit card, and if you give your email address, it instantly emails you a receipt. And, on Monday nights - there is a code for a free rental. Just check out their blog - http://www.insideredbox.com/. Even though we do Netflix, it's still nice to be able to go out and rent a movie for cheap, and not deal with a store. Only downsides are those stores are all the way across town, and only have DVDs. Not Bluray or HD-DVD. (does anyone else still use HD-DVD?)

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