Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Wells Fargo

I really really really hate this bank. Truly I do. The only reason why my checking account is there is because the company my husband works for uses Wells Fargo, and they do the direct depositting. And if his weekly paycheck is not deposited into a Wells Fargo account, we get a $1 fee per check. That would be $50 a year. I'm not sure if this is even legal. I think I am going to check into this forced using of Wells Fargo.

Anyway, today's over the top annoyance is I went to the one over on the far East side of town. I normally go to the Goodview one. The East side one teller got all snarky with me because I didn't have a deposit slip, nor know my account number to deposit a $8 garenteed funds check. After her informing me I couldn't deposit with out it, she sent me out this slip to fill out, including my full postal address. But no pen. Seriously, I have a two year old in the back, I don't have time for sending the tube back and forth 36 times. Why is it the Goodview one doesn't make me fill out slips, but this one does?

I know, it's small potatoes complaint, but EVERYTIME I go, it's something else. I LOVE how they then ask me if I would like to open a savings account and earn .5% interest on my account. Right. Like I would keep more money with them then I would have to. I know the small amount we keep there (less than $3500) isn't enough for them to care if we left, so I deal with it. But I am seriously considering getting a new account else where, and going to the bank every Tuesday to take the direct deposit out in cash and deposit it elsewhere. Goodness, it feels good pounding that out on the keyboard.

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