Friday, March 18, 2011

Sticker Stain

Connor loves this shirt. I don't. Neon yellow/green, it just is not my color.

Anyway, he put one of those big square stickers on his shirt, the kind you get at the bank. I didn't check his clothes carefully enough before tossing it into the washing machine. And then into the dryer. So the sticker left an awful residue.

Fortunately a few months ago I recalled reading about what to do if this happens in a magazine, maybe Good Housekeeping or Real Simple. Get out your Goo Gone, or WD-40, a washcloth and a toothbrush.

First, soak the area with Goo Gone. You will want to put a towel or something in between the layers of fabric, to avoid getting the Goo Gone all over the shirt. The stuff stinks, and can leave an oil mark. Allow the Goo Gone to soak for about five minutes. Then gentle brush it away with the toothbrush. When I did this, all the glue residue came right off.

I wanted to avoid an oil mark, so I sprayed it down with some Tide brand spray-n-wash, and laundered it up right away.
The shirt came out nicely. There is a slight oil mark if you look real close at it, but it's nothing compared to some other stains that are on the bottom of this shirt.  The marks you see in this picture is actually the back side number 6 showing through.  So, soccer jersey lives another day!
The shirt did smell like the Goo Gone, even after laundering it. So, I am going to rewash it.


David said...

Do you ever use Dawn dish soap on oil marks? That's my "go to" laundry trick.

David said...

Oh, and it's Natalie, NOT David ;)

Heather said...

good idea Dave (or Natalie!)

i'll give that a try.

Mary Jo Spletzer said...

Hi Heather,

What is the best way to reach you? I’d like to email you about a program sponsored by GOO GONE, one of my clients.

Mary Jo