Tuesday, March 24, 2009


Total Price $2.14
Turtles $1.79, $1.50 coupon, doubled, free
Cashews: $2.99 no coupon (needed for a recipe, see above later...)
Snack Packs $3.09, on sale $2.50, 75 cent coupon, $1 final

Used this weird coupon I got early in the week that printed out at the register, similar to Wag's register rewards. It was for $2, and it rang through, then tried to double, but the most expensive thing I had was $2.99, so instead of doubling, it rang through for $2 and 99 cents. With taxes, my final price was $2.14 on everything.

I know everything is opened in the picture. I was tackled by my sister and John! The turtles are sugar free, so they are pretty tasteless. My father-in-law is diabetic, so I'll try to get those to him.

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