Thursday, July 1, 2010

The Spraka

I have been on the hunt for pepper mill for ever. Seriously. Since I was born. Life got in the way. I had all sorts of pepper shakers given to me as wedding gifts and they were just so easy, that my dream of a pepper mill just kept getting scooted back. I went so far is to have put "nice big wooden pepper mill" (don't laugh, this isn't middle school) on my birthday wish list. Of course, John had no idea what the heck that means, so I got an apron instead.

Last weekend while browsing for a paper towel holder at IKEA, I came across the Spraka. It's 15 inches tall, birch, grinds pepper. Fits my requirements. I find it to be nice, it was only $20, so I fear I may get what I pay for. Time will tell if it can hold up. Until then, I am happy with the appearance and the quality of grinding. Bring on the eggs!

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