Monday, June 28, 2010

Under the Kitchen Sink

Under the sink makeover! The left white thing is the can/glass/plastic recycle bin. The right half was chaos of cleaning products, paper bags, plastic bags, paper towels.
Behind the recycle bin, more scary stuff! An old dish drying rack full of crap like gloves, candles and ant poison.
I took everything out, bought some nice storage and got rid of crap.
The metal bucket that holds all my cleaning supplies slides out! How handy is that? From the Container Store. Behind the recycle bin is a plastic bag holder. The metal bucket was too tall to go on the right side because of the garbage disposal. I should have measured. There were shorter sizes. John actually had to cut a small chunk out of the metal bucket to make it get fit on the left side even. But it works, and you can't really tell.
Paper towels got upgraded to an under the upper cabinets storage.

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