Friday, August 27, 2010


First, clean off the ribs. Cut away that pesky membrane from the back. It's tricky to do the first few times, but I got a hold of it now. Just take a sharp fillet knife in there, and dry off the part you cut away, get a good hold and tear it off.

Dry Rub:
Brown Sugar (about 1/3 of the mix)
Lawery's Salt
Fresh Ground Black Pepper
Coriander (I leave it whole)
Chili Powder

Mix these all together, and rub away! I like to put lots of salt, cause salt is yummy.

Put onto the grill for at least an hour, maybe even an hour and a quarter. Flip halfway through. Then take your BBQ sauce (I use a combo of Famous Daves Devil Spit and whatever other sweet sauce I have on hand), paint it on with a nice brush. I prefir those fancy silicone ones for a nice even coverage, with super cleaning powers. Grill for another 15 minutes or so. Allow to cool for a bit before chopping up.

Johnny loves it, 2 picky boys under 5 loved them, I call it a crowd pleaser.

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