Monday, February 23, 2009


I bought some more today, thanks for the coupons Kari!!!

Stuff for my stinky cat.
3 more Renuzit Triscents, orginally $7.99, sale $5, final price of $1 each.
3 more Glade Carpet Sprinkles, orginally $2.39, sale $1.50, final price FREE.

You do have to pay sales tax on these items. The sales tax is calculated off whatever the marked "price" is. The orginal price, or if it's on sale, the sale price. Keep that in mind, because even thought it's "free" I still have to pay 9.75 cents per sprinkle, and 32.5 cents per Triscent.

So, the point is, remember the tax. Don't go to the store without money, you still need to pay the tax on free items!

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