Sunday, February 22, 2009

Kmart Haul

This week at certain K-marts, it's double coupon week! Here are some of the details:
Post Cereal: Originally like $3.75. Sale $2.50. Vendor coupon, $1 off 2. Some Kmart special of $2 off a certain quantity of cereal (I don't get it, but I got the deal!). Price: 75 cents a box
Secret Deodorant: Originally $4.69. Sale $4.29. Vendor coupon $2. End price 29 cents
Renuzit Tri Plugin: Originally $7.99. Sale $5. Vendor coupon $4 (no doubling coupons over $2). Price: $1
Rimmel Nail Polish: Originally $4.80. On sale (40% off Rimmel) $2.03. $1 Vendor coupon Price 3 cents.
Glade Carpet Sprinkles: Originally $2.39. On sale $1.50. Vendor coupon $1. Price: Free
Renuzit Allergen Spray: Originally $2.39. Vendor coupon $1. Price: 39 cents

I had quite a few other deals. Too many to blog over.

Also, one of the boxes of Honey Comb is open, because John was STARVING. He only ate 2 helpings of Spinach Artichoke Cheesey Pasta. Maybe a recipe to follow????


Danielle D said...

Where are you getting these coupons from?????

Heather said...

Good Question! I buy two copies of the Star Tribune, the MSP paper from the Dollar Tree. I save all the coupons, week, after week.

It's this system from