Monday, February 23, 2009

Messy, Messy, Messy

Okay. My life and environment are spiraling out of control! I was sick a few weeks ago, and the house REALLY went down hill, worse than normal. And, it still has not fully recovered (both the house and I.....) I took all the food out of our 2 cupboards. There was a diaper box full of food to be donated. Who needs 3 boxes of stuffing, when I don't use boxed stuffing anyways?? How about 12 boxes of cereal? I managed to get everything back in the cupboards. And threw out things like powdered lemonade mix that expired in 2007. Also, I found I have 4 bags of powdered sugar, but I do go through that stuff like crazy.

Now if I could only get the coupon clutter under control. One day at a time....

Also, see the Queen in the top picture. She was making some crazy recipe that involved 32 POUNDS of sour kraut.

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