Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Mailbox Drama

At one time, our mailbox looked somewhat nice.  I mean, it was never a stunner, but it wasn't the worst one on the block either.  The flowers and the baby kind of spruce it up!

Then the City of Goodview decided to run it over, 4 times, with a snow plow. The last time actually snapped the post right off the base pole.

It was able to be speared into the snowbank for awhile, probably a month.  But as the snow melted, we were losing our "base".
I used a stool to help prop it up, it was like this for 2 days.  I waited for the mailman to come both days, and apologized like crazy.  This fix up job even made it to ThereIFixedIt.
I bought a new mailbox from Menard's.  A Rubbermaid Gentry.  This is quite the set up.  It is sitting in a 5 gallon pail with various weights in it to keep it up.  It wasn't staying up well, so John chained it up to the old mailbox to keep it from tipping over.

Connor got sick of it in a bucket, so he went out and dug a hole for me.

And now it is finally cemented into the ground. My mailman is so happy. And so I am.

Maybe it is time to put some decorative bricks and plants along the bottom.  Wouldn't that be stunning?

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