Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Week 5: Kitchen

Day one of Kitchen duty.

We have A LOT of plastic containers and A LOT of glassware. I have a problem with stealing glasses from bars. I know, it's bad, and I need to stop doing it. I can't control it. I wake up the next morning and there they are. It's awful, I know.


I took all the plastics out of the far left, and got rid of any that didn't have lids to match. Got rid of the sippy cups. Got rid of the scratched up gross plastics.

Top shelf of the middle, I got rid of 2 broken water bottles, combined disposable cutlery.

Far right, was pretty much done, since I just got my Fiestaware dishes. I also store my candy there. SHHHHH.....
These are all the broken plastics, or ones I don't use. Some oversize ones, and ones that I just have way too many to ever use. I am the PTA treasurer for Connor's school, and I like to hand out samples of the homemade laundry soap I make. So I will use those for that. The Glade ware gets a new life!

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