Monday, April 18, 2011


I did it.  I bought the Fiestaware.  First meal?  Leftover pizza.

It's been in the back of my mind for awhile now, and we had broke 4 plates, 1 mug, and 1 bowl.  So our old set was on the way out.

We picked out the following sets:
Sets include a dinner plate, salad plate, bowl, teacup and saucer.  The teacup is too small to be a coffee cup, so something will have to be done there.

I also got a platter and pitcher in Tangerine (of course).

What to do with the old plates now?  They are nice, heavy duty (and I think they were expensive) dishes.  Do you sell them? Donate? Keep?  They are in a shelf on the basement until I make a decision.


David said...

The teacups are pretty much worthless, huh. I have 2 brand new sets that have teacups with them, the other sets came with mugs, which are decent size. Compared to the teacups anyways. Congrats on entering the world of Fiesta!

Heather said...

i was thinking of installing hooks under the top cupboards, and just hanging them there. they are pretty, so it could be a nice display piece.

this morning, con asked to have a normal big cup for his hot chocolate instead of the "baby" cups.

Natalie said...

One good thing about our old house is it has some cool mug hangy rack things in the cabinet. So I hang the mugs, works pretty slick. That would be neat to hang all the different colored ones to see! I think you've inspired me to do a Fiesta post....