Thursday, April 7, 2011

Bathroom Organized

I want to make this clear, I am utterly aware of how bad the bathroom looks. I know that there is forest green sponge painting with rose wall paper. I know. I go in there several times a day. You should take a close look at the floor in there! Redecorating is NOT what this is about. That is a summer time project, decoration efforts and FUNDS are concentrated to living room/kitchen right now.

The Before:

The After:
You can't really see much of a difference, I just cleaned things up and out. I got rid of old make up, unused bath products, razors, and Con's little potty. Consolidated pill bottles and Band-Aid boxes, don't really need 3 boxes of Band-Aids open, when they can easily be made into one (one Diego, one Hello Kitty and one regular).

I had this idea, that everytime I need some pills, I have to pull out every bottle to find the right one, messing it all up and just tossing them back in. SO, I took a black Sharpie marker and wrote the name of the med on it. So I can just pull the bin out and peek in at the top.

The Befores:

The After:
I just got rid of the excess stuff on the counter, and got rid of junk underneath. Underneath is pretty much empty now, except for a bucket of cleaners and toilet paper. Behind the toilet paper is an old shower curtain liner, that I cut up in to 3 big strips and use as a drop cloth for painting. Seriously, works wonderfully.

And here is the bag of stuff I tossed (minus the plastic and glass containers that were able to be recycled). And because John reads the blog, I can't disclose EVERYTHING that was in the bag. But it was one of those standard Wal-mart bags, so you can get an idea of the quantity of stuff.

Week 2 of De-Cluttering has been a success, watch for an update on John's bathroom!

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