Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Week 3: Living Room

I started to work on the Living Room zone! This won't be too hard, as I try to keep it and clean and toy-free as possible.

I removed a dead plant from the window, an extra pillow, several extra blankets, and the toys that made their way upstairs.

There were two cubbies forming of DVD/PS3, so I condensed them into one, taking the extras into the closet shelf with the rest of the movies. In the top right cubby, I set our current Netflix movie along with a Mason jar full of shells. I took the hammer off the top. I then started in on the top left cubby. That basket is actually a trash can re-purposed into a bin for PS3 accessories and the like. The basket needed some help.
All the crap in the basket:
I didn't get rid of anything (except the paper 3D glasses and name tags). Mostly because once again, I don't know what the heck most of it is. I know John doesn't use that crazy headset, so I just took it down stairs to his desk.

This is the plastic bin full of stuff that belongs to the basement. I also took down a blanket and pillow that didn't fit in.
Not to much stuff, but really, I feel I was in good shape before tackling this room. It only took about an hour, plus I dusted while I went. And watched Sister Wives.

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